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The Maruzen Group began operations as an operator of a chemical terminal by opening the Keiyo Oil Terminal and Maruzen Warehouse in November 1967. Since then, the company has promoted the introduction and refurbishment of the latest equipment and systems in order to stimulate technological advancements in a variety of containers and modes of packing and in the area of logistics itself, take the environment into account, and accommodate the accelerating rate of business. Needs in terms of the storage of chemicals are especially extensive. For this reason, the Maruzen Group’s equipment and systems, including special systems and equipment, are designed and maintained on an in-house basis to respond to the varied demands of our clients.
Yard for organic hazardous materials
1,000KL… 5
600KL… 18
500KL… 5
400KL… 2
300KL… 11
200KL… 4
Total stored amount
23,200KL… 45
Yard for inorganic ordinary materials
1,000KL… 6
600KL… 6
300KL… 3
200KL… 1
Blending tank
20KL… 1
Total stored amount
10,720KL… 17
Refrigeration system
(Production of cooling water for tanks)
Water-heating system
(Production of heated water for the heating of tanks)
Liquefied nitrogen gas storage tank
Dedicated pier for ships
D/W… 2,000(D/W)
Gross tonnage… 980.26(G/T)
Length… 77m
Width… 13.2m
Depth… 5.5m
Loaded displacement… 5.0m
Pier code… ZY81C
Automated multi-tier warehouse for hazardous materials (Ichikawa Complex) 10,000DM
Mobile racked warehouse for ordinary materials (Ichikawa Complex) 3,680DM
Level-ground warehouse for ordinary materials (Ichikawa Complex) 2,300DM
Level-ground warehouse for hazardous materials (Kashiwa Complex) 11,000DM
Level-ground warehouse for ordinary materials (Kashiwa Complex) 7,700DM
Total 34,680DM