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A word from our Presidentごあいさつ

We aim to become a complete planner for chemical logistics.

The Maruzen Group began with the founding of Maruzen Ironworks, a company that manufactured boilers, in 1919. In 1963, a new plant was built in Ichikawa. The Maruzen Company’s Keiyo Oil Terminal was subsequently launched in 1967 in order to take advantage of the location of the Ichikawa Plant, which is situated next to Tokyo Bay. Even after we converted our operations into those of a company performing tank terminal operations, we continued to ceaselessly evolve in order to meet the needs of our clients, such as by having all of our tanks built to all-stainless steel specifications in 1985 and by constructing an automated multi-tier warehouse for hazardous materials and opening a general handling site in 2004. To complement the Ichikawa Keiyo Oil Terminal, we opened the Kashiwa Complex more recently in 2015 to give ourselves the ability to provide more services than ever before as the biggest operator of logistical warehouses handling chemical products in the northwestern section of Tokyo Bay.

The Maruzen Group will continue to aspire to become a complete planner of chemical logistics capable of providing clients with a sense of security and satisfaction. To this end, we will provide an integrated chain of services ranging from storage to work and delivery and thereby create new forms of added value. We respectfully hope that we will continue to earn your business in the years to come.

Hiroyuki Fujii
Representative Director & President, Maruzen Co., Ltd.