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General handling site (chemical-free yard)一般取扱所(ケミカルフリーヤード)

This site is a worksite where operations to transfer (refill) liquids to ISO tank containers, tank trucks, drums, and other modes of packing can be performed. In order to accommodate highly viscous materials, frozen goods, and products with high melting points, a nitrogen-heating system for ISO tank containers and a hot air-heated warehouse and steam-heated warehouse for the heating of drums have been set up at this site. Changes to different modes of packing after heating can be made.

Extensive range of peripheral systems to accommodate different modes of packing and chemicals

ドPumps are used to transfer chemicals inside various modes of packing, such as drums and IBC containers, to tank trucks. In contrast, stationary pumps and filling machines are used to fill drums with materials contained in ISO containers. In either case, an extensive selection of equipment and systems to accommodate different chemical properties—such as different types of heating equipment, nitrogen-supplying equipment, and deodorizing equipment—are made available.