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Loading and unloading tank trucks (liquid cargo) and transferring materials from drums to tank trucksタンクローリー(液体貨物)荷役・抜缶作業

Loading and unloading service

By taking advantage of the favorable geographical conditions of a site situated next to Tokyo Bay, we can accommodate the pier docking of ships at our dedicated berth. Since everything from the acceptance of ships to the shipment of tank trucks is carried out through a one-tank, one-line system, there is no cause to be concerned about contamination inside tanks.

Oil terminal capable of accommodating ISO tank containers

In response to increasing numbers of ISO tank containers in use, the Keiyo Oil Terminal has been set up to accommodate ISO containers in all of its lanes. By harnessing oil terminal know-how with respect to a large variety of containers as cultivated over many years, this location can also accommodate—in addition to ISO containers—an extensive range of container types, including JR containers and flexible containers.

All tanks equipped with flowmeters

Transferring materials from drums to tank trucks

The Keiyo Oil Terminal is fully equipped as a general handling site for the handling of liquids through operations performed on tank trucks, ISO tank containers, drums, and other types of packing. Liquid chemicals contained inside drums, IBC containers, and other modes of packing are drawn out with pumps and transferred to tank trucks and ISO tank containers. Drums and tank trucks are heated, nitrogen is injected, deodorization is carried out, and other operations are performed in accordance with the properties of the chemical in question. For example, equipment and systems found at general handling sites are used to heat drums and tank trucks with hot air or steam where the chemical in question has a high coagulation point or is highly viscous at room temperature. In these ways, client needs are met.