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Heating (ISO containers and drums)加温(ISOタンクコンテナ、ドラム)

General handling sites where materials are transferred out of drums and where filling and re-filling work is carried out are equipped with heating systems to accommodate goods with high melting points (highly viscous materials and frozen materials). Functions can be performed according to the properties of the packaging or chemical in question.

ISO container steam-heating equipment

ISO container steam-heating equipment has been installed for ISO containers, which have rapidly become prevalent in recent years. Since steam heating is associated with a constant temperature at the heat source, you can be rest assured that goods can be reliably heated. Steam heating is also known for the promptness with which heating is accomplished.

Steam-heated and hot air-heated warehouse facilities

In order to heat drums, we provide steam-heated, as well as hot air-heated warehouse facilities. Rising moisture content when drums are being heated is not a concern. Steam-heated and hot air-heated warehouse facilities are capable of heating fifty drums at a time.