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Customs clearance and logistics business通関物流事業

The Maruzen Group began the tank terminal business owing to a number of significant factors, one of which was the possession of property adjacent to Tokyo Bay. Importing and exporting, as well as domestic logistics, remain a core part of the operations of the Maruzen Group today. Our clients value highly our ability to safely and meticulously engage in transportation operations in a manner that can only be expected of a company that has stored and handled chemicals for half a century.

Business of undertaking import and export operations on behalf of clients

We are entrusted with bills of lading, invoices, and other documents pertinent to customs clearance by importers and exporters and undertake administrative tasks for customs clearance on their behalf. Since tanks and warehouses owned by the Maruzen Group are all bonded, we can carry out customs clearance procedures and undertake shipping agency operations since we have acquired a business that handles coastal shipping functions.

Arranging vehicles with an emphasis on safety, cost, and convenience

While sufficient attention must normally be paid when handling entrusted goods in the context of logistics, chemicals in particular require special consideration. The Maruzen Group harnesses its expertise concerning the storage and transportation of chemicals, which it has accumulated over the course of many years, and makes transportation arrangements that satisfy quality standards for an ISO 9001-certified quality assurance management system. Vehicular arrangements for everything from ISO containers to highly mobile tank trucks are also made in a manner that takes cost and convenience into account.

We transport goods using dedicated vehicles in the Kanto region

In order to ensure a greater level of safety, we ship by trucks using dedicated vehicles in the Kanto region. Safety and rapid transportation are achieved by taking advantage of a geographical area that is well served by arterial highways, including the Higashi-Kanto Expressway and Tokyo Wangan Road.