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Warehouse storage business倉庫保管事業

Our tank terminal business and our warehouse storage business, which began with the opening of the Maruzen Warehouse in the same year as the year in which we launched the Keiyo Oil Terminal, constitute the twin jewels of the Maruzen Group. Chemicals are stored in a warehouse for hazardous materials and warehouse for general merchandise.

Outstanding tangible elements capable of accommodating various types of containers and modes of packing

An automated multi-tier warehouse for hazardous materials that can store class 4 and class 2 hazardous materials, as well as designated combustibles with a capacity of approximately 10,000 drums, and a general-merchandise warehouse for storing non-hazardous materials and poisonous materials with a capacity of approximately 3,600 drums offer exceptional storage capacity and can even accommodate a diverse range of containers and modes of packing used for entrusted goods.

Enhancing software elements and preventing incorrect shipments from occurring

A common problem often seen in logistics is incorrect shipments. The Maruzen Group prevents incorrect shipments from occurring by integrating a host system that enables accurate lot management through painstakingly performed work procedures that are in accordance with an ISO 9001 certified quality-assurance management system and manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities with an automated warehousing system.

Smooth loading and unloading of trucks

Another important business consists of the loading and unloading of trucks, which includes the loading of dry containers for export or import purposes. Smooth, safe work is performed thanks to experience in the field of chemical logistics that has been cultivated over many years and productive equipment and systems.