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Tank terminal businessタンクターミナル事業

The tank terminal business has remained the central focus of the
Maruzen Group ever since the launch of the Keiyo Oil Terminal in 1967.
The development of agile logistics has been made possible by engaging in thoroughgoing quality control measures
and taking advantage of an optimal location that is vital to the success of our logistical operations.
The Takatani JCT on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway is scheduled to be completed in 2017.
Further improvements in terms of convenience are expected to emerge from this development.

Constructing a highly safe tank yard

The Maruzen Group has taken advantage of its know-how as a former boiler manufacturer to construct a tank yard
comprising a one-tank/one-line system with all of its tanks built to all-stainless steel specifications.
As an operator handling fine chemicals, we have taken steps to ensure sufficient quality control and safety.

Cargo handling business made possible by taking advantage
of favorable geographical conditions and experience

Knowledge and experience cultivated over many years as a pioneer in the field of chemical terminals allow us to
quickly and safely engage in the handling of cargo for an array of chemicals across an array of packing modes
in the contexts of domestic logistics, as well as importing and exporting functions.

We can also adapt to changes in the logistical environment

We take pains to promptly adapt to changes concerning logistical matters,
such as by adopting ISO containers for tank yard lanes and truck scales and introducing mass flow-rate meters
to ensure the accuracy of shipping weights.

Reducing logistical costs by cleaning tanks ourselves

Since establishing an oil terminal, the Maruzen Group has been cleaning tanks after the cancelation of each
contract on our own to reduce logistical costs for clients. Since a cleaning survey is conducted by a
third-party organization after each tank is cleaned,
contamination caused by a previous shipment is not a cause for concern.