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CDI-T Chemical Distribution Institute – TerminalsCDI-T

In February 2011, the Maruzen Group underwent an examination conducted by the Chemical Distribution Institute—Terminals (CDI-T).

CDI-T is a system for testing conducted by the Chemical Distribution Institute, a non-profit organization established by the chemical products industry in Europe, and was created to enable chemical companies and ship transportation companies to become aware of any risks when chemicals are stored with an outside party. An evaluation is based on responses given to approximately 1,800 questions. In entrusting hazardous chemical products with another party, companies—consisting primarily of Western companies dealing with chemical products—are increasingly deciding to limit their options to terminals that have subjected storage sites to CDI-T testing.
From domestic logistics to international logistics
In order to meet the needs of clients in Western countries, the Maruzen Group will continue to take quality and safety into consideration from multiple standpoints.

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