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Emergency Training防災訓練

The Maruzen Group has taken a number of safety measures with the aim of ensuring greater levels of safety for tank terminals that are used for the handling of hazardous materials. One such measure is disaster prevention training that is conducted for the purpose of improving the competency of our disaster-prevention team.

In addition to training conducted in-house, we also periodically carry out joint training with local fire departments and other public institutions. Water-discharge training, training on handling that involves the use of large chemical fire trucks, training that involves the use of floating booms to contain oil spills, and other training exercises are held to accumulate the experience needed to respond optimally in collaboration with local communities in the unlikely event that an accident or fire occurs. The Maruzen Group has also adopted Alsok’s safety check system to allow us to detect and respond as quickly as possible to any abnormalities that arise in equipment, systems, and facilities. We will equip ourselves in optimal fashion in order to continue to protect our clients’ valuable products and ensure the safety of our local communities.