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ISO 9001 certificationISO9001認証取得

For the Maruzen Group, the ISO 9002 international standard certification for quality-assurance systems was obtained by Maruzen Co., Ltd., in 1996. The ISO 9001 certification for quality-assurance management systems was obtained by Maruzen Co., Ltd., in 2003 and by Keiyo Butsuryu Co., Ltd., in 2004.

ISO 9001 is granted to an entity that has established and is maintaining a quality-management program and that is continuously improving the effectiveness of such a program. In other words, it is granted for a system that is operated to provide better products and services and to an organization that effectively manages such a system. In obtaining ISO 9001 certification, the Maruzen Group seeks to thoroughly enhance the efficiency of its operations, comply fully with relevant laws, and fortify its organizational structure. The ultimate objective is to raise levels of client satisfaction by securely providing services that meet the needs of clients and by improving the caliber of services. Backed by the acquisition of ISO 9001 certification, the Maruzen Group will continue to operate as an integrated, comprehensive logistics company for chemical products with the aim of maintaining high standards of quality, providing high value-added services and products, and promoting an accident-free workplace.

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