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Tsukubamirai Warehouseつくばみらい倉庫

Kashiwa Complex

The Tsukubamirai Warehouse, which began operations in October 2022, serves as a transfer point for deliveries in the northern Kanto area as well as deliveries on their way to the Tohoku area.
This facility is capable of handling class 4 hazardous materials (inflammable materials), designated combustibles, and poisonous and deleterious materials. It is also registered as a bonded warehouse and is capable of handling import and export cargo.

Located just a 5-minute drive from Yatabe IC on the Joban Expressway, this warehouse is a logistics base with great accessibility.

Warehouses for hazardous materials

2 (2 room temperature warehouses) Total approx. 1,750m2

Hazardous material warehouse (room temperature)
maximum drum storage capacity: approx. 9,000

*Each warehouse is capable of storing poisonous materials and foreign cargo.
*Loading and unloading of trucks is possible.