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Ichikawa Complex市川事業所

Ichikawa Complex

Established ahead of the competition in 1967, the Ichikawa Complex is a terminal specializing in terminals for general companies. Facing the industrial district where the Keiyo and Keihin complexes are situated, this center is also connected to the Higashi-Kanto Expressway, Keiyo Road, Tokyo Wangan Road, Metropolitan Expressway, and other such major highways. You are invited to use the Ichikawa Complex as a logistical site from which areas throughout the Kanto region—including the Keiyo District, Kawasaki, the Yokohama Keihin District, Saitama, Tochigi, Gunma, and the Ibaraki Kashima District—as well as areas across the rest of the country can be readily reached.

Extensive facilities for integrated logistics

The Ichikawa Complex houses a tank terminal comprising all-stainless steel structures and a one-tank/one-line system, an automated multi-tier warehouse for hazardous materials with a capacity equivalent to 10,000 drums, and a warehouse for ordinary materials capable of storing poisonous materials. Also present at this location is a worksite (general handling site) for ISO tank containers that can be used for special cargo handling work—including work that involves transferring hazardous materials out of drums, transferring liquids, filling containers, dividing materials into smaller portions, heating, and sampling—as well as an analytical laboratory for performing various kinds of analytical processes on products. These facilities and the performance of services whereby customs clearance functions, shipping arrangements, and other relevant procedures are undertaken on behalf of clients allow us to provide the integrated logistical services of the Maruzen Group in a manner that flexibly meets the needs of our clients.

From a dedicated berth to bonded tanks and bonded warehouses

The Ichikawa Complex is home to a dedicated berth where ships can dock. All tanks and warehouses in which products are retained are bonded. This allows products to be directly unloaded from ships and stored in tanks and warehouses as foreign cargo without having to clear customs.

A huge variety of containers and modes of packing can be accommodated

In the field of chemical logistics, we are seeing a shift from conventionally used tank trucks and drums to recyclable, environmentally friendly containers and modes of packing, such as ISO containers, flexible containers, and IBC containers made of various different materials and conforming to various different forms. The Keiyo Oil Terminal at the Ichikawa Complex now features systems and equipment capable of accommodating ISO containers in all lanes and otherwise accommodating different types of containers and packing modes. Efforts to bring about technological improvements are being made.